Snaps and Spacewalk for Ubuntu

We generally manage RHEL,Cent, and SUSE flavored Nix. We host our own repos with Spacewalk. We do not allow access to external repos except to the internal repo.

A developer is requesting a Bionic Beaver machine. I am in favor of this, but I am being asked to force them to use the Spacewalk repo for snaps. Is that possible? Hosting an internal snap repo is not an option right now.

You may want to take a look at the documentation around the snap store proxy, which may suit your requirements.

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The direct answer is no. There is no provision currently for this, and definitely not a FOSS one like Spacewalk. The proxy solution referred to by @popey may work if you don’t mind a proprietary solution you need to pay for on a per-seat basis.

thank you fir the recommendation

A for pay solution is no ideal as the team requesting the image may not even know how to make the cost justification. But that is an issue.