Snappy and system's Icon themes


Please, when snap packages will using system icon themes? It should be easy to change (probably) because all what I need to do (as workaround) is that I change “Icon” absolute path to just application name.

Here is a example:

cd /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications/
nano spotify_spotify.desktop

And in editor I change




But I need it to every new package which I install. It’s a chance to fix it please? Thank you very much

Best regards


It’s currently not possible as the snaps’ icon(either $SNAP/meta/gui or $SNAP/{,usr/}share/icons) isn’t in the search paths of the Icon Theme Specification, the only way to ensure that the snap’s menu entry has an icon is to hardcode it.

If we only specify icon name then the menu entry will have no icon if there’s no icon theme provide it.