Snapping dotnet sdk on raspberry pi

New to snap and want to begin dotnet development on my raspberry pi, so I thought I would follow the instructions here : ie:

sudo snap install dotnet-sdk --classic

however it doesn’t seem to work. I beleive it is still an edge? package. So I installed the edge package, but it fails to run. I get this error when I attempt to run it :

pi@pi4b2:~ $ dotnet
/snap/dotnet-sdk/81/snap/command-chain/snapcraft-runner: 3: exec: /snap/dotnet-sdk/81/dotnet: not found

However all the symlinks in the chain a valid, as is the ultimate target .

pi@pi4b2:~/dotnet/c++ $ ls -lart /snap/dotnet-sdk/81/dotnet
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 73808 Apr 21 2020 /snap/dotnet-sdk/81/dotnet

check your systemd journal for more errors … though effectively you should perhaps report it through the contact link of the snap to the packagers …
(it is indeed likely that it never made it to stable on any of the arm architectures because it is not ready yet)