Snapd from edge stuck on automatic snap refresh - workaround and fix

We’ve a bug currently in the snapd coming from edge channel (snap version reports snap 2.36~pre2*) that can cause automatic refresh of snaps to get stuck under certain circumstances. This can be observed via snap changes - the list of changes shows a change that’s stuck in “Doing” state, e.g.

$ snap changes
ID    Status  Spawn                      Ready  Summary
1462  Doing   4 days ago, at 09:21 CEST  -      Auto-refresh snaps "core", "core18", "gnome-logs"

The fix for this bug is here and should land soon in master and in edge.

If you find yourself in the above situation, the workaround that should fix it until the bugfix lands is:

  1. Abort the problematic change with snap abort <ID>.
  2. Remove any unused revisions of the snaps that are subject of auto-refresh, except for the revision that’s actually used - snap remove --revision=<REVISION> does this, repeat as neccessary.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks to those who use edge and reported the issue!

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