Snapd for aarch64 - openSUSE


I am after snapd for aarch64 which is readily available for x86_64 and that I could locate here : as I am following this procedure :

If any of you know how to get snapd for aarch64, I shall be very grateful.


I think it is a matter of flipping the right switches. I will try to do that today.

Hi and thanks zyga,

When you are done, kindly drop a quick line.


I’ve enabled everything and I’m updating the package. It should be ready shortly. Note that Leap 15.2 has some packages missing, so you can only expect tumbleweed aarch64 build for now.

EDIT: I see the source of the package mismatch. I should be able to get the aarch64 build for all releases soon.

EDIT: I’ll postpone aarch64 for tomorrow. There’s some tweaks that are needed for it to all pass and I’m not sure how to iterate without building via OBS.

Hi Zygmunt Krynicki,

Many thanks indeed. I will tell you how I get on.

BTW, which Tumbleweed image did you use please?


I haven’t used any image, just used OBS for that. I’m currently seriously ill and cannot get to my office with various kinds of aarch64 hardware. I’m sorry for the sore news, until I’m back on my feet in about four weeks, that’s the best I can do.