Snapd authentication spams Enter Key in terminal

I am using Ubuntu 22.04, fresh install of the daily build from April 9th (today).

snapd installed via snap is 2.54.4 snapd installed via apt is 2.53.3+22.04 calling “snap” from GNOME Terminal

When I go to install a snap, noticed when installing fluffychat but occurs with other snaps, if you don’t specify “sudo” with the command, it pops up a notification to input your admin password. This works, but at the same time spams (enter repeatedly) the enter key in GNOME Terminal. You see the terminal scroll to show more and more empty lines, and then it shows the snap installation message. After it is installed, it shows new shell lines over and over which depend on how long the authentication dialog box was shown on the screen - longer time means more lines of scrollback, which can make the terminal unusable for a short period while they populate and prevents you from seeing the outcome of the installation.

I am using zsh, which is a little different than the default bash, but the behavior still occurs when using the bash shell.