Snapd 2.55.2 stable release reverted

Hello everyone

We discovered a regression in the snapd 2.55.2 release that is available in the stable channel since earlier this week. Hence we revert the stable release back to 2.54.4

The bug is that when “layouts” are applied to content snap content those layouts can be mounted in the wrong way resulting in missing files for the snap. This causes e.g. the newsflash snap to fail to start. I am very sorry for this regression and we expect a fix soon. We will then release 2.55.3


Will 2.55.3 also contain the fix of PR #11616? Will it also have some facility to address the problem with the persistent env var?

Version 2.55.3 is now in beta, it contains the fix in PR#11616 but the persistent env var is not yet fixed, we need to debug this early next week.

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