Snapctl permission denied with latest edge core update

snapctl moved from /usr/bin to /usr/lib/snapd/ recently … apparmor profiles were updated for this …

but after an ubuntu core image running the edge channel updated the core snap, all of a sudden i see snapctl permission denied errors when calling any configure hooks …

checking the apparmor profile of the respective app shows:

# snapctl and its requirements
/usr/bin/snapctl ixr,
/usr/lib/snapd/snapctl ixr,

and calling apparmor_parser -r on this profile file, makes the configure hook work again …

after a reboot the problem is back.

@zyga-snapd nailed it down to the apparmor cache having a wrong timestamp …

there is an issue between our fixrtc script that sets the clock to the last mount time and the snapd shutdown helper that shuts down the system in a way that the superblock of /writable does not get updated (which indeed makes the filesystem not update last mount time and last write time).

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I independently posted the details on the thread about apparmor cache bugs that is really the same thing: Apparmor profile caching

CC @mvo this is a release blocker or configure scripts on pi* will all explode on next stable release. Let’s discuss tomorrow.

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This affects on any upgrade form and older version to the one that moved snapctl binary around.

You could unblock the release by simply putting snapctl back where it was, and then fix the time issue in a future update.