Snapcrafters Reboot

I’d like to be included as a “regular member”, my github is anonymouse64 and my LP/snap-store username is anonymouse67. Any idea what rough time the first virtual meeting will be?

Unfortunetely I don’t. At the moment, I can’t think of a way to test snaps in an automatic way. Maybe @galgalesh can walk us through? I think he has something in mind.

Mid-late next week or so.

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Can you release ffmpeg to arm64 and s390x?

I’m not a collaborator on the FFmpeg snap so I can’t release new revisions of the snap :cry:

That said, 390x is a mainframe. No one will be running screen capture apps on a mainframe :wink: But arm64 needs fixing for sure.


This is me:

I package numerous snaps for numerous reasons, here are a few:

I would like to participate in the following Snapcrafters snaps:

I would like to implement continuous integrations(CI) that should improve some of the quality control (like enforcing certain agreed code/markup style) and some linting.


Awesome! Sounds really cool on the CI/QA element.
@Wimpress already expressed interest for ffmpeg, perhaps you can both work on it.



I’m a big fan of snaps, I have a few of my own, mainly for personal use, on the snap store.

I have contributed the jack1 interface to snapd a while back, and I have a few snaps of my own in the snapstore, mainly for my own use, and in various states of completeness.

I feel that it is always more motivating to work on things that are going to be used by other people, therefor I’m interested in joining the snapcrafters team to help maintening some of those snaps. I don’t have anything in particular in mind, and I’m willing to have a look a anything I can help with.

Thanks for rebooting this fine group !


@yannick-mauray Thank you for your interest, much appreciated! Can you PM me your GH account, I’ll send you an invite.

Oh, no need for a PM :slight_smile:


Actually, that’s my organization’s profile. If that doesn’t work, use Thanks !



I am a student and i am actively looking for open-source projects for contribution. Snapstore is a best platform that provides different applications across various Linux distros; motivates me to contribute and develop packages for Linux community.

I want to apply for Regular members.

I have developed and maintained few snaps under my name.

All this listed snaps were developed by other Github user. I found this projects interesting and want them into snapstore for community use, so i developed snap from that repos and published them.

While publishing some snap, i have facing issue regarding classic confinement, and as beginner on snap-developer path, i have some suggestions on documentation as well.

  • we can impose a new community that check source code of project for potential security vulnerabilities that requesting for classic confinement.
  • Also as a beginner in snaps; documentation is bit confusing. In addition, there is no clear information of topics like how to perform a build-override? , how to write yaml of snap that depends on other snaps and packages?, how to include user created custom libraries and packages into snap?. It would be easier if this kind of information is available in documentation. Also i suggest that we could improve documentation with giving yaml file examples for different type of snap build.

@badpurvesh11 Hey and welcome! I’ll send you an invite to join Snapcrafters, can you pm me your GH user?

Nice to see you working on snaps. As to the documentation, we are always looking to improve it, and make it more accessible to the developers. I am tagging here @degville, who is our documentation fella, and maybe your suggestions will be helpful to him, too.

As to the source code vulnerability, there are already some tools that do this, but if you have any specific suggestions, can you propose them - either here, or on Snapcrafters, and we can see how to incorporate or use them.


Sorry I am bit late to join this conversation,

I been memeber of snapcraft forum for more than 3 years, I actively develop and publish my applications exclusively on snapstore. Right now
I maintain more than 35 snaps in Most of them can be listed here

Most notable and famous snaps that exists in the list are:

and many more

I would like to join as regular community member. I am interested in testing new and existing snaps, Doing PRs wherever possible, Help grow the app ecosystem by encouraging people to publish their work with snapstore etc.



@keshavnrj sounds great! Can you pm me your GH account username, so I can invite you?

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I would like to get invite to Snapcrafters.

I’m and I’m maintainer of Wekan Open Source kanban since 2016-12. Wekan Snap version is currently only for x64, but I have other Wekan versions also for arm64/s390x/ppc64le in bundle versions at . I would like to add Wekan Snap versions also for arm64/s390x/ppc64le etc.

I do have ssh access to x64/arm64/s390x/ppc64le servers and also ssh/vnc access to Mac Mini M1 . I’m trying to find ssh access to some RISC-V server.


I built TSC platform game for s390x , I would also like to make Snap package of TSC for all those CPUs.


I maintain these Snaps:

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Hi @xet7 thank you very much for your interest. I’ll send you an invite.

I’d like to take over the Eclipse snapcrafters project. Most contributions have been done be me.