Snapcraft.yaml reference


Oh, now I noticed that this topic is actually mentioned in The snapcraft format - Documentation for snaps: Universal Linux packages:

though I’m still questioning the necessity of maintaining two separate documents with the same/similar content.


I do agree. As the new reference material is both in a new format and split into categories, we were waiting for feedback before removing or fully deprecating the large single reference page. A good moment for this may be when we bring over the REST API reference material which will need to be split in a similar way.


I keep attempting to use this document as a reference, and I keep finding out that many of the references are deprecated (It is very prominent in Google searches). This is very frustrating.


I think that this page is missing command-chain


Thanks! I’ve just added the missing details.


I think this page is also missing stop-mode


title and license don’t work.

Issues while validating snapcraft.yaml: Additional properties are not allowed (‘license’, ‘title’ were unexpected)


What’s the difference between this page and snapcraft-top-level-metadata?


It’s the same information formatted as a single page with the other metadata. This is mentioned in the first line, but we could perhaps make it clearer.