Snapcraft with LXD pulling an outdated lxc image

This just started happening last week or so:

egee@egee-workstation:~/Source/egeeirl/snap-slurm$ snapcraft --use-lxd
Launching a container.
An error occurred with the instance when trying to launch with 'LXD': Unable to fetch 404 Not Found.
Ensure that 'LXD' is setup correctly and try again.

I first noticed it on our CircleCI build environment and spent an hour on it thinking it was a CircleCI issue because it works fine locally. But then I decided to delete my local LXC images and voila.

Which service is requesting the image - Snapcraft or LXD? And is there a way to fix or otherwise override the default url?

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I’m also experiencing the same problem with one of my snaps, using GitHub actions (which also uses the LXD backend).

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It looks like the simplestreams metadata for the buildd images is out of date. It looks like it hasn’t been updated since 29th July:

… but new images have continued to be published, with the latest on 9th August at this point:

The problem has only become apparent now that the 20200728 image (the most recent one listed in the metadata) has aged out and been deleted. This really needs to be fixed on the cloud-images host.

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Canonical CPC team have identified the problem and a fix is being deployed now.


Fix now deployed and snapcraft --use-lxd successfully tested.


Great work everyone involved with this fix!