Snapcraft will show seccomp compiler version is not determined


When I got a machine with flash install on bionic system, I installed snapcraft and did auto-refresh. So this is snap list as below:

$ snap list
Name                  Version                     Rev   Tracking  Publisher   Notes
core                  16-2.39.3                   7270  stable    canonical✓  core
core18                20190627                    1049  stable    canonical✓  base
gnome-3-26-1604             88    stable/…  canonical✓  -
gnome-3-28-1804       3.28.0-10-gaa70833.aa70833  59    stable    canonical✓  -
gnome-calculator      3.32.1                      406   stable/…  canonical✓  -
gnome-characters      v3.32.1+git2.3367201        288   stable/…  canonical✓  -
gnome-logs            3.32.0-4-ge8f3f37ca8        61    stable/…  canonical✓  -
gnome-system-monitor  3.32.1-2-ga7c19eaeff        91    stable/…  canonical✓  -
gtk-common-themes     0.1-16-g2287c87             1198  stable/…  canonical✓  -
snapcraft             3.6                         3059  stable    canonical✓  classic

I’m pretty sure snapcraft was fine at first, but somehow it started to show that a warning when it was called:

$ snapcraft
2019/07/03 16:47:49.574170 system_key.go:142: cannot determine seccomp compiler version in generateSystemKey: invalid format of version-info: "051a668fa5c47aa16280298ed72cc38c8ac3dc40 2.4.1 xxx..."

I knew system_key.go came from snapd but didn’t know how this error happened. Anyone can point out the root cause?