Snapcraft warnings - not getting okay'd out?


is there some known bug with okaying out snapcraft warnings?

I install my snap (and yes, there was a version 12 days ago, which had a typo in one of the plugs).

WARNING: There is 1 new warning. See 'snap warnings'.
09:56 jannek@ubuntu-20-04:~/e2e-edge-test-suite$ snap warnings
last-occurrence:  12 days ago, at 12:03 EEST
warning: |
  snap "pelion-edge" has bad plugs or slots: edge-identity-file (unknown interface

I’ve done snap okay and given the root password to clear it out - and for a while it is truly gone - however, after reboot and next snap install it keeps nagging me again for the same old issue.

Version information for background.

ubuntu-20-04:$ snap --version
snap    2.59.2
snapd   2.59.2
series  16
ubuntu  20.04
kernel  5.15.0-72-generic

I’ve transferred this to snapd as it looks like a runtime issue