Snapcraft tracks for different architectures

In a snap I’m developing I’m using the kde-neon content snap.
It is only available for the amd64 arch, and I would like to have a version of the snap available for other platforms, mainly arm variants.
Is it possible to:

  • use the content snap only on amd64 and build on other architectures without it, or
  • use a track to make a version available on all platforms without the kde-neon content snap.
    The program can run with a CLI interface, so it would make sense to have the two versions available.

Is there some documentation I’m not finding?
What happens after I ask for a second track? Do I need to have another .yaml file in a different repo?

As builds for different architectures are uploaded and published independently, it should already be possible to do something like this without tracks. It would be entirely possible to set up two Snapcraft projects that build on non-overlapping sets of architectures and publish to the same package name.

It’s not clear tracks would really help here though: if only one track makes sense for an architecture, why split them?

Hi @jamesh,thanks for the reply!
I was thinking of tracks because the non-qt version would work on all archs,
then it could be possible to have the qt track to install that version (only on amd64).
If it’s possible to have distinct build projects (different yaml files) for different architectures using the same name it should be good enough.
Is the idea that I can register a different github repo with the other yaml,
keeping the same name/description but changing the build part?