Snapcraft parts metadata

Should this instead be override-build?

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You’re absolutely right - thanks. I’ve updated above and the single reference page. It was cut accidentally with some overzealous vim macros.


The Snapcraft plugins page doesn’t mention anything regarding the build-attributes property, it should be fixed.

This could use an update. Prepare, build, and install are all deprecated. See notices

Snapcraft is failing indicating additional properties are not allowed and prepare was unexpected. There is no mention that prepare is deprecated, so there’s a good chance the snapcraft user is going to spend a bunch of time trying to find out what’s wrong with their snapcraft.yaml, confirming it all conforms to the documentation, and getting nowhere.

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@degville see the above post about dropping or at least mentioning the deprecation of install build and prepare. AFAIK they are not available at all in snapcraft 3.x and only in 2.x

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Thanks for flagging this @ijohnson, @tejohnso (and @Lin-Buo-Ren). I’ll fix this now.

There’s no mention of snapcraftctl build inside override-build.

I’ve added the missing disable-parallel key and it may need some polish.

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Can we have some clarity on if/how globbing works? For example the organize keyword documentation doesn’t mention globbing, but the organize example in suggests that it is possible.

The list claims that “install” is deprecated, but the accompanying comment claims it’s been obsolete for some time. So which is it? Deprecated or obsolete. Can’t be both. :slight_smile:

Good point, thanks! I’ve removed it entirely as I think there’s been enough time.


I don’t know how I found this, but it looks like the anchor for the build-snaps header is broken. Unlike the other headings, when I click on the anchor nothing happens.


Comparing this anchor against another anchor, it looks like there is a missing space between the anchor and the heading text. Analyzing the raw markdown, you can see the discrepancy in the spacing:

  • disable-parallel: ### disable-parallel [⚓](#heading--disable-parallel)
  • build-snaps: ### build-snaps[⚓](#build-snaps)

Changing the build-snaps markdown to the following should fix the issue with the anchor:

### build-snaps [⚓](#build-snaps)

Thanks so much for finding this, and letting us know. I’ve fixed the broken anchor. The problem was actually a missing heading-- which is a weird requirement for anchors through Discourse (briefly discussed here: Documentation guidelines). Thanks again!

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I think we can finally remove the “prepare” key.

Done. Thank you for letting us know!

I would add to the “filesets” entry that this key is not supported when using SC7 with core22 snaps, and not make the reader traverse to the filesets page to learn this.

Thanks. I’ve added the caveat as you suggested.

for source-commit, could we add a note that it must be the full 40 character commit (not an abbreviation)? That is a limitation in the git fetch origin COMMIT command used here, but (for me at least) an easy thing to overlook

Great suggestion. I’ve updated the text - thank you!

Please clarify that a minus sign in front of a file name means excluding a file from staging. This operation is referenced elsewhere linking to the Stage key, but is not mentioned underneath it.