Snapcraft no longer shows missing libraries when priming parts (core22)

Using Snapcraft 7 when building a core22 based snap, I no longer see any output suggesting to add packages to stage-packages if they aren’t detected when the prime part of the lifecycle occurs. I have provided the verbose flag when running my build but this doesn’t show the package suggestions. I tried building a core20 snap and it still shows the missing libraries output (it did build with multipass rather than lxd in case this somehow affects things). Is this behaviour meant to be the new normal?

This has been moved to a global linting feature for core20 and is currently only available on latest/edge.

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This feature is still missing. The linter only shows missing shared objects files in the form of library: <shared object in snap>: missing dependency '<shared object dependency>'..

The linter does not show the missing package per part. For larger snaps with multiple parts, figuring out the correct part a shared object belongs to (“shared object in snap”) and figuring out the dependency package that contains the “shared object dependency” can be quite tedious.

How do you restore the convenient function of the core20 that directly listed the required stage packages?