Snapcraft loading my previous project instead of current one

I’m learning snap packaging, tried with gnome-commander / core18.

  • I created folder1, downloaded source from upstream git, created snapcraft.yaml. Using snapcraft --use-lxd command to build it.

    After, many trial, hacking through compilation errors. I fed up and decided to go with different approach.

  • I created folder2, then another snapcraft.yaml and used nil plugin instead of autotools, added pre-build gnome-commander to stage-packages.

Now, launching snapcraft --use-lxd inside folder2, load the previous project from folder1 as I can tell compilation log and snapcraft debug shell.

So, could you tell me what going on? Does snapcraft keep a snapshot of lxd build image if it fails and is using without reload?

Never mind, after I checked lxc list found that snapcraft created only one container.

As it seems snapcraft create containers based on snap name. I didn’t change the name.

Changed name and things went smooth.

next time try: snapcraft clean --use-lxd before trying the next build …


Thank you ogra, It does remove the container and start clean one, I was wrongly using snapcraft clean without --use-lxd