Snapcraft build server down?

Hey, it seems like it’s currently impossible to move releases from edge to stable, etc. . Also, the service status link [1] just says there is an error and one should contact support, but I don’t see any email listed for them.

In general, the server seems extremely overloaded, spending up to several minutes to switch between tabs. Is that intentional? Or maybe it is in the process to be retired and replaced with something else?


Hi there,

Where did you get the link you posted? It does error out for me but if you remove the silly _ga parameter it loads fine, try

Can you provide more detail? What are you trying, what do you see, error messages, screenshots … anything more detailed will help.

Hey, I found the link at the bottom of the page where I tried to move a build into release earlier today: The link text was “service status”. Now it looks like the link is there without the _ga parameter.

What wasn’t working earlier today was dragging (by mouse) builds from edge to stable. It is now working again.

actually no - the link there still leads to

Thanks! I confirmed the bad link, I’ll report it to the team that manages that page.

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