Snapcraft build option to prevent autobuild

The Snapcraft build service is widely used to build and publish applications by snap publishers. Right now, the build triggers automatically if there is a GitHub repo linked to the snap in the snapraft dashboard when there is branch update event and makes the new build artifact available in the edge channel of the snap. It is a good feature, but sometimes it’s too much to have a build get triggered even by some little modifications in the repo(Update of a Readme file lets say). It would be nice to have an option to configure the behavior in the snap dashboard.

The proposed behavior will also avoid unnecessary load on the build farm if the autobuild setting is turned off in the build setting of snap.

My proposal:

  • Have an option in the Snap dashboard(build page), which is nothing but a toggle to enable auto build, which is turned on by default(to keep the current behavior).

  • Publishers can opt to toggle it off to avoid autobuild on Github branch update event. We already have a button to trigger the build in case the publisher want to build freshly added changes.

Please share your thoughts.