Snapcraft adt failures with the new core release


That is fine for a test case, but snap-confine will almost certainly need to be adjusted to run as setgid, so please don’t commit the packaging changes without a security review.


Certainly @jdstrand :slight_smile:


Good teamwork guys. High fives all around!


I pushed a patch on top of the regression test that mvo made earlier.

With this patch testing is green for me locally (in qemu running ubuntu 16.04). I pushed it to see if there’s anything surprising on other OSes.


The fix is ready in the 2.29.4 release, however the upload is blocked because the permissions of snap-confine changed: - so this needs to be whitelisted and/or approved from the store before this can enter into beta.


@mvo I think @jdstrand has now fixed the store issue now; not sure if it is deployed yet or not.


It is staged for production but not available yet. In the meantime we are doing manual approvals.