Snap with Slackware, how to?


I would like to install snap in my preferred linux distro, Slackware. Will it be supported some day? Or it is banned as a linux distro?

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No distro is “banned”. But if a distro doesn’t use systemd, on which snapd depends, there’s a lot of work that needs doing distro-side to support snapd.

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Okay, Unfortunatelly there is no package of Snap for Slackware yet. I have good experiences with AppImage (my favorite) and Flatpak, and I have both installed in my computer.
Anyway, thank you for your prompt answer. Glad to hear that Slack will be supported.

I did not say that, though.

If you want to work on implementing this you can take a look at how Ubuntu 14.04 is supported (which does not use systemd either) and re-implement the systemd-shim used there for slackware i guess (note that this is a pretty non-trivial task though and unless someone steps up contributing code for this i doubt it will happen).

Useful patches to make this work will definitely not be rejected and no distro will ever be “banned” from snapd support, but doing a port like this to a system that has no systemd support is a huge amount of work and the snapd team will unlikely be able to invest time into it themselves.