Snap with rust build but fail sucessfuly, every rust rust app build correclty but the snap it self fail to build

I’m porting a monorepo application to Rust: It consists of 3 interdependent apps, and 3 more folders (for documentations, configuration files and databases). All these apps build successfully, but the snap itself won’t build, no reason why.

The snap file:

I had configured the build provider to use multipass instead of LXD (because they are not working). And the tauri app (GUI) are not working from inside the container, iVM with x11 and wayland.

What is in the “Full execution log”?

After many runs of snapcraft, the error changes (i had run it before and no changes, i still have no clue about this bug), Now this new error appears: package ‘cfg-expr v0.15.5’ cannot be built because it requires rustc 1.70.0 or newer, while the currently active rustc version is 1.66.1

Thanks for help :blush: