Snap transfer request for snaps "edgeca" and "edgeql"


A new organisation is taking over my two snaps. Could you please transfer the snaps
a) edgeca
b) edgeql

from Darval Solutions Ltd (account username: darval)
to EdgeSec OÜ (account username: edgesec)

I’m the contact for both accounts.

Thank you,


In order to verify authorization and intent, could you please add edgesec as a collaborator to both snaps and accept the share with the other account?

ONce that’s done I’ll perform the transfers.

  • Daniel

Hi @roadmr,
Of course - I’ve done that now, so edgesec is confirmed as a collaborator to both snaps. Could you please go ahead with the transfer?

Thanks, Siggi

It is done! Both snaps are transferred.

Sorry for the delay, I was sleeping :zzz: :slight_smile:

  • Daniel