Snap the app using google's V8 (js engine) static lib

Hi, I’m looking for advice on how should I make snap.yaml for my app which needs to be linked with libv8_monolith.a (static lib of google’s V8 js engine). Should I try to build that monster using my app’s snap.yaml or is there another easier way?

I think it might be difficult to build V8 myself using snap as Google uses a rather fancy toolkit called “depot_tools” which for the provided config file creates ninja build files using shell and python scripts.

I would appreciate any help in this matter. Also feel free to change the topic tag if it looks inappropriate :slight_smile:

Is there a binary distribution of that library you could use in you application’s build process?

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I think closest one is bundled with node-js. It would be a way to go but api for v8 is changing all the time from one version to another, so I decided to build it statically with my app.