Snap Store partial outage: slow uploads/downloads - round 2


We’ve received multiple reports of slow snap uploads/downloads and odd failures when trying to scan or release snaps.

We’ve confirmed these behaviors stem from a slowness issue is on our origin servers and are working on the problem.

Thanks for your patience and apologies for the disruption.

  • Daniel

The origin service has been restored to full health. Load is still a bit high as CDN caches replenish so you may still encounter a bit of slowness through the next few hours.

Re-opening this as noted in some other threads. We are continuing to work on the origin serving (which also impacts uploads). I will update this thread as we make progress.


Unfortunately we’re still experiencing slowness issues with uploads and downloads. We are aware of the issue and its underlying cause and are working to restore things to full operational status.

Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your continued patience.

  • Daniel

We have made some changes that have mitigated the issues and believe things are operating smoothly now. We will continue to monitor.