Snap Store issue on Kali USB with persistence

Hi, I am using Kali usb with persistence. After managing to install Snap Store and after modifying the PATH, because I have seen that Snap Store and the applications that are installed through snap do so in the /snap/bin directory, everything worked correctly. (although the snap store app icons don’t display well but it does install the apps and it works)

The problem is that when I restart the system the PATH is lost, and the snap store and the applications installed with it are unconfigured, having to reconfigure the PATH and enter the following commands to make it work again:

1-sudo apparmor_parser -r /etc/apparmor.d/snap-confine

2-sudo apparmor_parser -r /var/lib/snapd/apparmor/profiles/snap-confine*

3-service snapd.apparmor start

Persistence does work because the system configuration and many other changes you made are saved.

Thank you