Snap-review is too large for available space


I am getting inconsistent result for snap-review

In the pipeline it complains that the snap is too large.

ls -lh *.snap
+ ls -lh *.snap
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 156M Sep 15 15:48 pam-app_2.0.0.b170e46_amd64.snap
snapcraft login --with ./snapcraft-credentials
snap-review pam-app*.snap
+ snap-review pam-app*.snap
  "runtime-errors": {
    "error": {
      "msg": {
        "manual_review": true,
        "text": "uncompressed pam-app_2.0.0.b170e46_amd64.snap is too large for available space (589M > 360M)"
    "info": {},
    "warn": {}

On my local the same snap with the same size passes.

Both are using the same docker image.

The snap is 156MB. What is the problem?

Is it because of the CI host is running out of disk space?

this does not look like a review error per se, but more likely that wherever this is running has run out of space