Snap release error

I recently, connect my git account with snapcraft for CI. after built my source code, page shows some information like this,


why snapcraft can’t release package if it’s build was successful.

can you help me to release my snap for different architecture???

Thanks for Understanding.

It’s possible your snap failed to release because it fell foul of the store review process. This can happen if for example you are trying to publish a classic snap without having had classic confinement approved. It can also happen if you require additional priviledged interfaces.

We should probably expose this kind of thing in the storefront ( cc: @Lukewh ? ).

One thing you can do, is look on the “old” dashboard, and see if there’s any errors there. (you need to put the snap name on the end of the url otherwise you’ll get redirected to the “new” web storefront.

Also, you can snap install review-tools and then run snap-review (mysnap) against your snap, to see if it fails any store review processes, locally.

You should have email for each failed review though …

I think I found your snap and the error.

The failure to publish to the store is because binary_sha3_384: A file with this exact same content has already been uploaded. The store won’t allow the same binary identical snap to be re-uploaded twice.

can you help me to overcome this error?? i’m new here and i don’t know how to solve this.

Thanks sir…i finally release snap for other architecture.