Snap refresh over metered connections


Do we have a path forward then? If I understand the current status correctly, the option to default to holding on metered only on classic systems is still on the table.


We have discussed the topic once again during standup. There’s a feeling that more input from the field would be useful. Are you aware of any deployments using the setup when NM only handles WiFi and modem connections while networkd manages Ethernet links?
(cc @niemeyer)


That is the default if somebody installs the network-manager snap from the store, in, say, an RPi board with a UC image. For most of the commercial UC projects NM is set as the default for everything, but I cannot say this has happened in all cases.

For UC, I think you should not hold updates based on GUESS_YES shown by NM. It is too risky imho. For classic that could work, as for desktop NM manages everything by default. But, not sure what happens when somebody installs the network-manager deb package on a cloud image, though.


We need precise information here so we can take a decision. Who can go after the facts and make sure this is true?

We understand there are many theoretical scenarios in which one has several managers for several network connections and one of them may have a huge pipe that is not metered. We can’t possibly handle all such unknown cases.


The case of installing network-manager snap from the store, in an RPi2/3 board with a UC image would be one where this happens. Or in any other device, for what matters. It is something quite common when somebody needs some advanced set-up for wifi or needs support for modems.


Any chance we could revisit the topic again and discuss the ways to go forward with this for the desktop users?


Is this feature still requires opt-in?