Snap premissions automatic resets?

After installing a snap with gnome-software a “Permissions” button appears near the “Remove” button.
I use the Chromium snap, and turn almost all permissions off… but after a while they are all back to the default without me changing them, so i have to turn them off again? Shouldn’t they be remembered, since I have to enter my password to change them?

you could cross-check in a terminal with snap interfaces chromium if they are really switching back or if thats an issue with the UI in gnome-software (typically interfaces themselves do not switch their state on their own).

if they actually do, then there is a bug with the way snapd handles the auto-connecting interfaces i guess (not respecting user overrides).

A short discussion on IRC revealed that this is a known problem and that there is a fix in the edge channel already:

(if you want to test it you can do sudo snap refresh core --edge (and use sudo snap switch core --stable to go back to the stable channel again)

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