Snap packages for D compilers and build tools - Joseph Wakeling | DConf2017

@joseph.wakeling Nicely done! What a great talk :slight_smile:


Very nice work @joseph.wakeling! Thanks!

This is awesome! Great work, @joseph.wakeling

Hey, thank you all! I hadn’t realized this had been uploaded.

It was great fun to do, although it’s slightly surreal watching it back – I was so nervous the whole time I was talking, and I’m quite relieved that it doesn’t seem to have been apparent from the outside.

Anyway, I have to give a big vote of thanks to everyone here in the snapcraft community who helped me get these snaps made. I think the warm enthusiasm of the crowd tells you how much everyone in the D community appreciates the result! :slight_smile:


@joseph.wakeling Now I’m not saying I sent your video to a multi-billion dollar company who make a language that runs on Linux to show them how they could be using snaps, but I totally did do that thing :wink:

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@Wimpress hahaha, nice! Hope they found it useful :slight_smile: