Snap package with desktop-qt5 plugin takes hours to build

Hi, am building lots of Qt5 snaps, from last two versions of snapcraft am noticing snapcraft taking hours to build qt-5 snaps. To be exact the process takes too much time at building desktop-qt5 step-

Preparing to build desktop-qt5 .

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it’s not just desktop-qt5, all the desktop helpers seem to take forever at the preparing stage. I’ve spoken to @popey about this, and he’s seen similar behaviour in his own builds. We really need for someone to take a look at performance concerns within snapcraft, because it’s getting painful.


I have this problem as well, with desktop-gtk3. The snapcraft process uses full single core CPU usage during this phase, is there any way to make it multithreading or print out more info on what is exactly doing?

I guess a fix has been committed for this check out

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