Snap package cannot read fonts conf

I’m seeing the same, in two snaps (Firefox, and mattermost-desktop). Haven’t noticed others just yet.

The fix, again, a matter of editing fonts.conf:

~$ diff ~/snap/mattermost-desktop/current/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf.busted ~/snap/mattermost-desktop/current/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf
<   <include ignore_missing="yes">conf.d</include>
>   <include ignore_missing="yes">/etc/fonts/conf.d</include>

So, given that this is across multiple snaps, and the workaround doesn’t stick anyway, we need to figure a way to avoid this affecting users on an ongoing basis. Is there a bug already reported against $something to track that?

I suspect this is likely a bug in the desktop interface if it requires a manual workaround like this.

For reference:

It sounds more like it is a bug in the desktop-helpers or in snapd’s font caching that happens during a refresh than it is with the interface itself.

What writes the file $SNAP_USER_DATA/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf ? It seems like since it is in $SNAP_USER_DATA that it would be something the desktop-helpers would be writing.

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this issue should be fixed years before
Maybe you know how to fix it but the solution provided by @oSoMoN fix the problem for short time and his solution want me to modify files that removed after any new update for the Snap package

@oSoMoN I created PR to Snapcraft Desktop Heloper
Should it fix the issue?
Is there need to rebuild snaps to make changes affect?
The PR:

Can anyone review the PR?

After running this several times I’ve cheated a little:

for i in ls /etc/fonts/conf.d/*.conf ; do ln -s $i ~/.local/share/fonts/ ; done