Snap of Strawberry Music Player

Can anyone with snap experience help me look at snapcraft.yaml, test it and give some feedback if anything is wrong here.

I’m unsure whether to still keep the snap. Users tend to report specific snap related problems with little information, and often don’t know themself that they are using strawberry as a snap, which creates a lot of additional work.

Two specific issues some users are reporting that I can’t reproduce myself:

  • It does not launch at all
  • They can’t access a second harddrive

Some other issues:

  • alsa, udisks2 and network-manager have to be manually connected
  • I have to special-case things for alsa to work.

If someone here wants to help maintain the snap it would be appreciated. I’ll accept PR’s on github.

I’ve made a request for auto connect, this would solve some of the problems users are reporting.