Snap of ffmpeg installs but can not be started

I just installed ffmpeg as a snap on Ubuntu 18.04 in order to make use of the new 4.x.x version. It installed fine but now when I execute ffmpeg I still get the old ffmpeg version from apt instead of the newer snap version. How can I launch the snap version?

you can use the full path (/snap/bin/…) or use snap run <snapname>.<binary>

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Thanks, that worked.

So if I understand it correctly, even though I have a new version installed via snaps the apt installed version still has higher priority by default.

yes, /snap/bin gets appended to the end of the PATH variable so binaires found in the usual PATH before are indeed preferred by default.

$ echo $PATH

(imagine you install some language snap like python … if it would completely override the distribution python that might break your system badly)

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