Snap logs timestamp not corresponding to system time

When displaying the logs through CLI with the command

snap logs <snap-package>

They are always timestamped with the UTC -1 time. I have tried changing the system timezone and it always stays the same.

I also use the boost library for logging, and this one has the right time (corresponding to system time) in the log file.

Here is the result of snap --version

snap	2.44.3
snapd	2.44.3
series	16
ubuntu	16.04

The snap package uses ubuntu 16.04. It is a private snap package that I’m working on.

Could someone tell me if I did miss a configuration option, or if it is a bug ?

Here is a screenshot of my issue:


One the left we can see the log file written with boost, and in the terminal the result of snap logs . I also added the output of uptime for reference.

Thanks in advance !