Snap list how to install please need assistance

$ snap info skype
  stable:    (51) 148MB classic
  candidate:         ↑                     
  beta:              ↑                     
  edge:              ↑                     
  insider/stable: (53) 151MB classic
  insider/candidate: ↑                     
  insider/beta:      ↑                     
  insider/edge:      ↑  

you should give a little more context, what is your exact problem ?

if you just snap install skype --classic you will always automatically get what is in “stable” … if you want something else you can use the --channel= option to the install command to point to the desired chanel i.e. --channel=edge … or --chanel=insider/stable …


Channels are an important snap concept. They define which release of a snap is installed and tracked for updates.

A channel consists of, and is subdivided by, tracks, risk-levels and branches:

The complete channel name can be structured as three distinct parts separated by slashes:

  • <track>/<risk>/<branch>
    my apologise im new all of these trying hard to understand and thank you.
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