Snap kill development icon themes

Hi, i’m Papirus icon theme developer. All popular third-party icon themes not supported with snap!!! Faenza, Numix, Nitrux, an more more …

Snap apps use hardcoded icon path for desktop icon and this impossible fixed now on icon theme.
For example, Gnome Logs desktop-file:

Maybe it’s possible fixed?
For example possible solutions:

  • add additional option on desktop-file (use system icon by default and snap icon as fallback) For example:
  • on SVG available ID for layer and we can set snap icon path for this (but this not universal and impossible for PNG)
  • maybe we must doing anything on icon theme for support yet

INFO for ubuntu devs:
Your snap-app Gnome Logs have wrong exec:


+1 bump to add support for themed icons

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I don’t know much, but when I install non-snap apps they create an icon in /usr/share/pixmaps and in a desktop file they use icon name only without a path but snap uses a fixed path and icon doesn’t change at all with icon theme. I also love and use papirus icon theme every time I install a snap application I have to search for the icon in papirus icon folder and manually replace it. but then if I use a system theme then the icon of app doesn’t show at all for that I then copy icon to /usr/share/pixmaps then this all works fine but this is lot of work to do. I don’t know why developers don’t want us to use icons and themes for snaps. If there is way or extension that can perform these task then it would be easy for everybody, maybe a script that can run on each snap install.

Sad this has been cold shouldered , i hope snap devs see this, this creates inconsistency between snap and native apps, it would have been good if this could have been fixed even i am forced to hard-code icon path for ubuntu users(yaru/adwaita lacks support for many icons) which isnt a good practice.