Snap is not working in OpenSuse Tumbleweed

Dear Friends,

I am trying to install Snap Store and other apps from snaps but it appears just this message:

“error: cannot perform the following tasks:

  • Mount snap “snap-store” (415) (snap “snap-store” assumes unsupported features: command-chain (try to update snapd and refresh the core snap))”

Help, please

@zyga-snapd is the opensuse package outdated?

@mborzecki All packs in my OpenSuse are updated. I am not getting to solve this problem

It is fully up to date

Hey, welcome to the forum!

What is the output of the command “snap version”?

Dear @zyga-snapd,

snap 2.34.3-5.8
snapd 2.34.3-5.8
series 16
opensuse-tumbleweed 20200501
kernel 5.6.6-1-default

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This is hopelessly outdated. Can you please check if the system:snappy repository is enabled?