Snap install and snap run fails

I am running ubuntu core 18 on imx8mqevk board. I am facing below issue

someuser@localhost:~$ snap install network-manager
error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Run configure hook of “network-manager” snap if present (run hook “configure”: cannot open cgroup hierarchy /sys/fs/cgroup/freezer: No such file or directory)
someuser@localhost:~$ snap install hello-world
hello-world 6.4 from Canonical✓ installed
someuser@localhost:~$ hello-world
cannot open cgroup hierarchy /sys/fs/cgroup/freezer: No such file or directory
someuser@localhost:~$ snap --version
snap 2.49
snapd 2.49
series 16
kernel 5.4.47-imx8mqevk-snappy-00055-g5ec03d06f54e-dirty

What could be the issue? I really appreciate any suggestions to debug this issue.

looks like your kernel is missing the freezer cgroup … there are quite a bunch of defaults you need to enable in your kernel for core, see “patches/configs-linux-5.1rpi.patch” in the commit below:

if you could also run snap debug confinement, that may be useful

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Thanks @ogra ,Enabling freezer cgroup solved the problem.