Snap in a virtual machine (as an option, possibly during install)?

I don’t necessarily disagree with this characterization. I’ve often wondered why Linux doesn’t have “a per-application” virtualization capability similar to other virtualization solutions that offer a “seamless” mode.

I think if something like that existed it would at least help this situation.

I also wonder if Wayland support generally would help solve this problem (at least from the display side). I also feel like between virgl, Zink and Vulkan are also really positive movements in helping solve that particular aspect of the problem.

Maybe I’m crazy but everything else* outside of sound and graphics are solved for high-performance, server based virtualization.

* for some definitions of "everything else"

Interestingly there could be some prior art / WIP that we could leverage or at least benefit from as a source of knowledge:


and not especially relevant per se but potentially interesting:

I’m starting to ramp up on rust-vmm and related components as a result. Will be fun if nothing else :slight_smile:

I also wonder if something like crosvm and virtio-wayland would go a long way to getting me to the goal: