Snap hold: app, core, snapd

Hi Snap team,

We are building stateful applications with snap and applying “hold” to control when to refresh each replica. That allows to select when each replica should be updated or even restarted.

However, will other snap upgrades potentially trigger an unexpected restart on my app?

For example, automatic refresh of the core (e.g. my app is built on top of core22), could that trigger a restart of my app as well? Likewise, an automatic refresh of snapd.

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thanks for your question and sorry for my slow reply. In general snapd might trigger unexpected restarts but it depends a bit on the environment, is this a classic or a Ubuntu Core system? I assume your application is a snap service?

We have various ways how refreshes can be controlled, e.g.

In general a refresh of the base of a snap foo will not trigger an automatic restart of the services of foo. However on core systems a refresh of the kernel/gadget/boot-base may trigger a system restart at any time.

Hope this helps, Michael

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