Snap error system does not fully support snapd

Hello, I’ve had a problem with snap for a long time. After installing snap and restarting the PC, I get the error “error: system does not fully support snapd: cannot mount squashfs image using “squashfs”: mount: /tmp/syscheck-mountpoint-4154043511: mount failed: The operation is not allowed.” and I don’t know what to do. I’ve reset my pc 4 times and it keeps coming back the installation

You can check your kernel log (dmesg) for full details, but it probably means that your kernel is compiled without support for XZ-compressed SquashFS images - which snap requires.

What system is this on? You can try updating your kernel, but may need to install an alternative version/recompile with the required support.

What is the full output of snap version ?

snap 2.57.6-1+b1 snapd 2.57.6-1+b1 series 16 kali 2022.4 kernel 6.0.0-kali6-amd64

i use kali linux with gnome desktop. and how do i update my kernel. Because I don’t know my way around, I’m new to linux

if that kali kernel actually has squashfs support enabled (you can check with cat /proc/filesystems if squashfs is in the list) it might be that you are hitting the known squashfs bug with the 6.0 kernel:

this is fixed in 6.2 …

PS: if you are new to linux, kali, being actually intended as a toolbox for security maintainers and not a fully fledged distro is probably not the right thing to start with.

I know but I just wanted to use these hacking tools

i dont think there are any “hacking tools” in kali that are not also available in any other distro and if you need to do forensic research on a firewall breach of your enterprise IT dept. or a WLAN intruder in your company network, you will surely be able to just install them with a single command on all the other distros as well …

kali is very specific for a certain, very narrow focused security researcher use-case, it is not really a general linux distro … but indeed it is up to you what you start your linux journey with

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oh ok can you recommend me another linux where I can also run this “hacking tool” and I can use snap?

well, what answer would you expect to that question from an ubuntu developer :wink:

with my bias i would indeed recommend ubuntu or one of its many flavours here, but i guess fedora, opensuse, debian, manjaro or arch would serve you as well, all being general purpose distros …

xD will the program also be displayed as an app icon in Ubuntu?

like this

i surely have icons for all my snap-installed GUI apps here on ubuntu 22.04 …

is this the right one?


It’s me again, I wanted to install it and was in the installation window after the restart, but as soon as I wanted to select an installation, it just loaded