Snap downloads for tooling

A few existing developer-oriented tools download snaps. The nature of these tools means they’re likely to be very specific about the source of the snap instead of relying on the host machine’s configuration.

For example:

  • the snap may be in a store tenant the host machine is not configured to use
  • the store may require the download to be authenticated as someone different to the developer’s snap login user
  • the download should probably never use the host machine’s device auth

As a quick overview of known tools:

  • ubuntu-image. Currently calls out to snap prepare-image, which shares much of the download implementation with snap download, to download core, gadget & kernel snaps referenced by the model assertion, and any extra snaps listed on the command line. The architecture and store tenant are also taken from the model assertion.
  • snapcraft. Implements its own download including resume, retries, and caching. However it doesn’t support deltas (not really a problem) or user authentication (but only seems to download core/ubuntu-core anyway).

The current snap download is actually quite well suited to a tooling-style download, although it probably relies on env vars too much and includes an authentication hack (see UBUNTU_STORE_AUTH_DATA_FILENAME). However, snap download is presumably meant for managing the system’s snaps rather than the developer use case.

It may make sense to extract a low-level tool/library to assist with downloads or to defer download responsibility to each tool given that authentication is key and likely to be handled slightly differently, that would mean growing an ubuntu-image login subcommand (internally that could invoke snap login with dedicated flags/options to store an alternative login outside of snapd state).

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