Snap doesn't work

Snap Doesn’t work and hasn’t ever since i bought my pixelbook last year, they talk big but when the shit hits the fan they are silent and no one helps

After installing nothing works ever

sudo snap install blender --classic
error: cannot perform the following tasks:

We helped the last time you brought this up.

As I recall, the conclusion was that something was missing on the Linux implementation under ChromeOS, which means snapd doesn’t work there. I don’t know that anyone on the snapd team has a pixelbook so not sure we can test and debug this. So your help is very much appreciated.

I note you tried to install squashfuse from the archive and it wasn’t available. That’s kinda a blocker, if we can’t rely on a typical piece of the puzzle to be there. Looks like the Linux implementation on ChromeOS has a limited set of packages, which unfortunately is a bug upstream in the ChromeOS Linux implementation, in my opinion.

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