Snap does not respect directory settings


Refer for more details.

This is a remote part used at build time. The fix is released, and we’ve rebuilt all the snaps we maintain to take advantage of the fix. If there is a specific snap you’d like to see the fix in, I’d suggest filing a bug requesting a rebuild of the snap.


The issue with extra folders seems to be fixed, libreoffice snap doesn’t create the folders. I installed other snaps and they didn’t create extra folders too.

Ubuntu 18.04    
Package: snapd
Version: 2.32.9+18.04


I am still having the problem. Installed inkscape and, after first launch, english locale home folders were created in my spanish locale installation.


Contact the maintainer to rebuild the package and it should be fixed.


I forgot to mention that my /home is in another drive now, maybe it’s related to that somehow? I don’t know, let’s wait for more feedback.


Hello @kenvandine, can you check this? I believe that you were the one that made some commits on GitHub.

Looks like some people still experience the issue. It’s working for me now, but I have /home on a different drive. Before 18.04 I tested on the same drive and had this issue too.

Thank you.


What version is your snapd?

Open a terminal and type

apt version snapd
and Enter

This info might be useful when a dev see this post.


nope, please use the snap version command instead. The deb version of snapd does not tell you what the actually running version is since (at least on Ubuntu) snapd re-execs itself to the binary shipped in the core snap.


Just tested on Linux Mint, no issues, no extra folders.

snap version
snap       2.33.1
snapd      2.33.1
series     16
linuxmint  19
kernel     4.15.0-24-generic

But again, my /home is in another drive, I don’t know how it will behave in the same drive.