Snap Documentation


This is absolutely on our short-term plan to add - thanks for the +1!


Are you open to including some of the proposed pages in this index? For example, I’d like to see the topic on registering your app name be included under “publishing”. Maybe in a sub topic “releasing your snap”.


Yes, definitely (although we’ll likely tweak those docs slightly).

I know there’s a lot to do, and we really need to get these missing pieces in place asap, but we’re trying to do so in a way that’s consistent with the docs as published (that’s also the only reason why this topic is currently read-only - we’re constantly discussing these changes internally).

I’m currently working on a small set of docs to provide some wider context around snapcraft.yaml and then I’ll move straight on to publishing.


What needs to be tweaked to those pages? Can we help?


Scriptlets should be in the index.


@degville should probably be included in the table of contents as the intro page for the store publishing process.


@noise thanks - and yes, you’re right. I’m actually making a few edits to that doc now before publishing it.