Snap crashes when using intel graphics

Hey guys I have build a snap package for the software used at our research group. It is build with qt3d and I got it running on multiple machines. But on some of the laptops the snap package crashes when started. The gdb stacktrace tells me it crashes in the intel graphics driver ( You can find a complete gdb trace here:

The source of the application as well as the snap build file can be found at

Any help or ideas what might cause the issue are greatly appreciated.

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Does the application crash when run outside of snap confinement?

It looks like you’re not using the desktop-launch script from, so you might have missed some of the things that it sets up for you.

Generally, for desktop applications I recommend that either the gnome-3-28 extension be used or the Snapcraft Desktop Helpers repository is integrated to a Snap’s yaml.

There’s a helpful document explaining how to integrate for qt5 at [Deprecated] Desktop App support - Qt5


While I recommend @lucyllewy’s advice, fwiw I believe I have experienced similar crash on classic snaps. What I needed was to apply no-patchelf to mesa libs, such as the part found here:

Thanks, the solution from cjp256 solved the intel driver problem for me.

I still have to take a closer look at the desktop-helpers, because I am still missing some configuration for fonts. Is there a easy way to just run the common env setup script? Because I don’t really need the system versions of qt since some of the functionality I am using only works with a newer version of qt than the version shipped with ubuntu.