SNAP_COMMON looks different from snap shell

I have a configure hook that writes to a log file in SNAP_COMMON.

The log file is not visible from the normal shell in /var/snap/mysnap/common/

It is is visible from the snap shell (sudo snap run --shell mysnap) in SNAP_COMMON.

Is this expected? (If memory serves, some time ago there was no difference in the files and their contents based on whether one was in snap shell or normal terminal.)


Same here. I have added a configure hook:

#!/bin/sh -e


if [ -f "$OPENFORTIVPN_CONFIG" ]; then
	echo "Existing configuration file will not be overwritten"
	exit 0
	if [ ! -d "$SNAP_COMMON" ]; then
		mkdir "$SNAP_COMMON"

Just after installing the snap, I can the config in $SNAP_COMMON from within the snap):

# sudo snap run --shell openfortivpn
# ls -l $SNAP_COMMON 
total 4
-rw------- 1 root root 147 Apr  7 14:53 config

The $SNAP_COMMON does not exist outside the snap:

$ ls -l /snap/openfortivpn
total 0
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root  2 avril  7 14:53 current -> x1
drwxr-xr-x 8 root root 85 avril  7 13:29 x1

Sometimes $SNAP_COMMON appears with reason, I cannot find what triggers this. It is extremely confusing, I’ve spent more than a day trying to understand why the configure hook appears not to be working. Any clue? How can we explain or debug this?

I had forgotten about my original post above and I’ve used configure hooks many times since then and they work.

Couple of points, just in case you are not already aware:

You should not ever need to create SNAP_COMMON directory. This directory is auto created by snapd on snap install and should always exist. So this is not appropriate mkdir "$SNAP_COMMON"

Also, a configure hook script (which is in the snap project source dir as snap/hooks/configure) is never called manually as you may be doing above. It is executed by snapd when you run snap set SNAPNAME KEY=VALUE. You then use snapctl get in the configure hook to get the key value (see

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Also just a note that configure hooks are run when the snap is installed or refreshed too

My wrong, I have been mixing up the following two paths - for days!


As already noted elsewhere the word snap appearing everywhere and describing different things (multiple directories, a command, a package) is confusing.

In any case it would be nice to improve the hooks documentation. While I understand the configure script is called differently at install/refresh time (without arguments) and when called using snapctl set, this is not explained clearly and the examples lack a complete configure script.

FWIW, here’s a super simple configure script:

Ah but that’s the point, I’m not interested (for now) in the set/get case, only the install/refresh case. A script combining both use cases would be great.

If you aren’t using the configure script for the set/get purpose, I recommend you consider using the more appropriate post-refresh and install hooks instead.

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Ah right, will do. In my case the install and post-refresh are identical: they will install the config file if it does not already exist. Then I will have a look at the configure hook as it might be of interest.

Still, the current documentation is confusing. I was looking for a hook that would be called upon both install and refresh: configure fits the bill.