Snap build fails with core22 on launchpad


I would love to build my application with core22 and gnome extension because it uses gtk4.

Here is my snapcraft.yaml located.

I am not sure why the build fails.

Here is my store upload:

regards, Joël

There are some changes in snapcraft when building for core22, you’ll need to make some changes in your yaml.

See the migration guide for details and of course let us know if you have questions along the way.

I did a successful local build. So I think the yaml is fine. See here:

I just had to specify dbus slot, yet.

Check out gsequencer-4 snap. It was built locally and not on launchpad.

Might be launchpad is not using core22, yet.

We can’t access your snap admin pages, or anybody’s admin pages other than our own (both the links you’ve provided to are private to just you) so we can’t see what you’re trying to show us with those links.